ALCOD Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team of Elders are a vital part of our ministry. Each Elder works closely with our Helps Ministry volunteers to ensure a pleasant worship experience. For general inquiries, feel free to contact our Executive Administrator, Minister Dede Denefield at We look forward to hearing from you.

Min. Dede Denefield 
Executive Administrator 

Elder Anita Squire 
Finance Ministry & Female Armor Bearers

Elder Ellis Squire 
Praise Team & Music Ministry

Elder Sedgric Hopkins 
Men’s Ministry

Elder Kimberly Reeves 
Altar/Ministerial Ministry

Elder Marvin Robinson 
Usher Ministry

Elder Harold Turner 
Baptism & Holy Communion 

Elder Stephen McFadden 
Nursing Home & Maintenance Ministries

Elder A. Cullen Lewis 
Administrator Assistant

Elder Andrea Coleman 
Lap Cloth Ministry

Elder Herman Rainey 
Parking Lot & Head of Security

Elder Anthony Anderson 
Building Operations

Elder Faye Hickey 
Greeters & Nurse Ministries

Elder Donovan Denefield 
Male Armor Bearers

Elder Ricardo Robinson 
Media Ministry

Elder Stephanie Rushin 
Member Services & Follow-up Ministry

Elder Rothstein Campbell 
IT Ministry

Elder Sean Rushin 
Van Ministry & Special Events